About spontaneity

I believe that the best things in life happen unexpectedly. That’s also true for traveling. The best memories of my previous journeys are from events that weren’t planned. I’ll give an example.

Serendipitynoun /ˌserənˈdɪpəti/ • the fact of something interesting or pleasant happening by chance

In 2019, all students of the second year of my undergraduate programme were supposed to go to London to visit several enterprises and to organise such visits themselves. I was discharged from this assignment because I already had done another project, but I went to London anyway. I didn’t have any plans of what I was about to do that week. I discovered cool neighborhoods as Shoreditch, I went for a coffee in a second-hand bookshop, and I practiced my smartphone photography. Jolien and I even bought a disposable camera and I assure you – we had a lot of fun with it.

All these things happen spontaneously.

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